Zhiyun Smooth 4 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal

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Brand: Zhiyun
Product Code: Zhiyun Smooth 4 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal
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Set-Up Instruction: Remove your phone case if any, then BALANCE the gimbal with your phone BEFORE powering on.

How to Balance: Slide the smartphone in as close as possible against the tilt axis motor. Loosen the Roll (Y) Axis Thumb Screw (which is on the back) to adjust the gravity center by sliding the horizontal arm.

How to judge: When phone stays level in power OFF status, it is balanced. If your gimbal works well but FALLS in approx. one minute or a red light at the bottom, it is Not balanced, counterweight is needed. 

*Please kindly note that iPhone 12 Pro Max or iPhone 11 Pro Max will need a Counterweight to help to balance the gimbal

2: 3x3 Pano should be taken in a wide area, or it may fail.

3: NOT all functions are available for Android phones. Zhiyun has been improving ZY play APP, Android, and iOS, please always keep the APP update-to-date.

4: There are lots of VIDEO TUTORIALs on YOUTUBE that will help you master the gimbal.


  • Integrated control panel design: Smooth 4 is designed with a slider on its control panel and a trigger button on its back, to easily recognize and switch between different gimbal modes. It can reduce the need to touch the screen, and help users control both the stabilizer and mobile camera directly with hot-key buttons. Has "Vertigo Shot" "POV Orbital Shot" "Roll-angle Time Lapse" buttons.
  • Focus Pull & Zoom Capability: You can zoom in or out as you want to take close-up shots.By pressing the FN switch button, the handwheel is configured into a focus puller, helping you achieve high-precision focus changes in real-time to create creative shots.
  • PhoneGo Mode for Instant Scene Transition: Smooth 4 can respond to every delicate movement without delay without the need to worry about losing any shots.
  • Time Lapse Expert: Smooth 4 can realize features such as Freestyle time-lapse, Timelapse, Motionlapse, Hyperlapse, Slow-motion, recording lives and displaying the art of time flow.
  • Object Tracking: Smooth 4 can produce smooth footage and also track objects including but not limited to human faces with much higher precision.
  • Two-way Charging with Longer Runtime: Smooth 4 can run for 12 hours in a row. The battery indicator tells you how much power is left. The stabilizer can be charged by a portable power source and the phone can be charged by the stabilizer via USB port on the tilt axis.
  • Powerful Motor: The motor power of Smooth 4 has increased by a large extent, making it compatible to phones of large sizes. Meantime, it can be used together with many accessories such as LED light and camera lens.
  • Tilt Mechanical Range:240 °
  • Roll Mechanical Range:240 °
  • Valid Payload:Max: 210g, Min: 75g
  • Package Including:

    • 1x Zhiyun Smooth 4 Gimbal
    • 1x Type-C USB Cable
    • 1x Storage Box
    • 1x Tripod
    • 1x User Manual

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