Godox Wistro AD360 Strobe Light Kit

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Brand: Godox
Product Code: AD360 Wistro
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WITSTRO flash system is an AD360 with bare tube, external power pack, wireless manual power control, and a range of dedicated light shaping accessories. The WITSTRO is 3 to 7 times powerful as typical hotshoe flashes with the size and weight alike. It offers studio quality lighting in outdoor photography, either as a hotshoe flashgun or an off-camera flash. Perfect for outdoor photography and journalistic portrait shooting in wedding, conference, party, celebration, and sports events, beach, etc.


Main Features:

* Studio Quality Lighting
AD360-360WS and GN80 (m ISO 100, with standard reflector)
Up to 28mm flash coverage without any dark corner
Better quality of  light provided by flash tube and parabolic reflector

* Multiple Functions
S1/S2 slave triggering, Multi flash, hi-speed sync (up to 1/8000s)
Five camera-flash sync ways: hotshoe, 3.5mm & PC sync socket, S1/S2 slave triggering, wireless control port
Color temperature ranges within 5600±200K
Fits all brands of cameras and flash triggers

* Professional Power Pack
Use lithium battery pack (11.1V/4500mAh)
AD360 recycles in 0.05-4.5 seconds

* Wireless Remote Power Control
Optional FT-16 can wirelessly adjust WITSTRO flash power levels, control focus assist beam and sound beep, and wirelessly trigger flash

*Lightweight and Portable
 AD360 and its power pack weigh around 780g
Portably used on camera hotshoe or carried with power & accessories

* Full-Range Lighting Accessories
Include standard reflector, reflector filters, umbrella-style reflector, multifunctional softbox, beauty dish, snoots, color filters, wide angle diffuser, etc. Accessories are light and portable with compatible mount.
Color Temperature 5600±200K
Dimensions (W x H x D) 220*95*75mm
General Features
Flash time 1/300s-1/10000s
Model AD360
Range Standard reflector on WITSTRO flash offer approx. 28mm coverage.
Recycling Time Approx. 0.05-4.5s
Other features
ISO Sensitivity -15° to 90°
Power 360WS
Power Source(s) GODOX PB960 lithium power pack<br> Full Power Flashes (with PB960 power pack):450

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