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Brand: Life Of Photo
Product Code: Life of Photo LED 550 Product Box
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LED-550 50cm
Life of Photo LED-550 light cube made of black nylon, dimensions 50x50x50cm

This light cube is particularly suitable for Ebay or Amazon sellers who want to sell their online items quickly and inexpensively on a platform with a white background without the need for time-consuming image processing.

The light cube has 120 LEDs, power about 50W. The high-quality built-in LED diodes also ensure good light quality, the color temperature is 5500K like daylight, so your articles will show almost the same colors as you saw during the shot.

The inside of the light cube has a silver reflective coating for good reflective properties. Above a hole at the top and front

You take pictures of your articles. For example, Top shots or just add more light.

Thanks to the Velcro fastener, this light cube can be set up and taken down in under a minute. Dismantled, it is very mobile and space-saving and can be taken to the location as a normal carrier bag.

In addition to the white background, a black, gray and orange color plastic background are also included. These can be changed quickly using Velcro and make working with the light cube more flexible.

Technical details

Brand: Life of Photo

Model: LED-550

Power: 50 watts

Light type: SMD LED with 120 diodes

Material: black nylon fabric

Backgrounds: 4 (white / black / gray / orange)

Inner material with silver reflex cover


1x LED-550 50cm light cube with LED lighting

1x power supply with cable for power supply

4x color backgrounds

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