Micnova Multi Camera Carrying Vest

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Brand: Micnova
Product Code: Micnova Camera Vest MQ- MSPO1
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As a multifunctional belt, Micnova MQ-MSP01 is designed for photographers who take a long journey, which can be used combinedly with several straps fulfilling personal various need.

Made of nylon and mesh fabric with compactness and fitness, comfort and breathability, reduce stress and possess freeweight capability. Equipped with multiloop shackle and dead plate that can adjust camera device optionally and shackle can be fastened on the front of the chest.

Several straps can be adjusted optionally from beginning to end. Convenient to carry and key ring equipped with free loop, which you can combine shackle to fasten on the strap. The dead plate on waist can be used with belt and as a quick-release plate independently. Its multifunction makes it a musthave product in travelling.

The locking system is secure and designed to hold up to lengthy use, with quick and easy release when required. Backup camera safety straps provide an extra line of protection against accidents, hold cameras securely against your body to eliminate tiring swing. Other systems use neck or shoulder straps which can induce more strain, this system keeps you more comfortable for longer and your equipment safe and accessible.

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