Zhiyun Crane 3 Lab Camera Stabilizer

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Zhiyun CRANE 3 LAB Features

  • Supports 4.5kg/10lbs camera payloads
  • L-shaped handle design with controls
  • Wireless 1080p Image Transmission
  • Synchronous Zoom and Focus Control
  • Supports External Focus and Zoom Motors
  • Articulating Secondary Handgrip
  • 1080p Video and Control via Zhiyun App
  • ViaTouch Control System Touch-Panel App
  • Aviation-Grade Motors
  • Sliding Camera Balance Plate
  • Individually Lockable Axes

The strange L shape of the CRANE 3 LAB actually serves not just an ergonomic function, but it also gives operators quick access to popular features via an advanced control stick with a bright OLED display. This display shows the operator vital information about the camera and the CRANE 3 LAB itself, such as shutter speed, ISO setting, aperture, as well as battery and connection status.

It also features the most common settings buttons, a quick-select control dial, and gimbal joystick, all within a finger’s reach, making switching settings.

The CRANE 3 LAB is equipped with a wireless image transmission system that allows smartphones and tablets to function as a Full HD monitor, reducing the need for an external monitor. Beyond use as just an external monitor, the ViaTouch Control System allows for remote operation of the CRANE 3 LAB through any Android or iOS device running the ZY Play app.

Controlling the CRANE 3 LAB can be done through a touch-interface or through motion-control. This allows for perfect framing of shots, even when the operator is not near the gimbal. Using ViaTouch allows for advanced features like follow focusing and object-tracking through a connected device, to allow a new level of footage to be shot with the CRANE 3 LAB. he CRANE 3 LAB supports synchronous zoom and focus on almost all cameras with the TransMount Servo Zoom/Follow Controller Max & TransMount Servo Zoom/Follow Controller Lite. With the zoom trigger and the focus wheel, gimbal operators have instant control of the zoom and focus which gives an instantaneous response.

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