Ring Light 18 Inches With Battery Space

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Product Code: Ring Light 18 Inches with Battery Space
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 The 18 inches LED ring light kit can illuminate objects and make your visual world more beautiful and brilliant. The 360 degrees adjustable ring allows user to find the best angle to illuminate the object. The LED rings just as the name sounds can bring enough lighting to your face or product, make product details clearer and your face contour more three dimensional as you record the video. 

The 18 inches LED ring light comes with  light stand and 3 phone Clips. It has multiple color and brightness level adjustable light: warm, warm white and yellow. It also features battery compartment which provides user with alternative power source. 

Super appropriate for selfie, YouTube videos, Instagram, Facebook, Vlogging, make-up artistry and lots more. 

Batteries are purchased separately by the user. 

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