Sinnofoto Tripod Monopod Stand

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About the Product.

The Sinnofoto Tripod is lightweight aluminum travel model. It comes with apadded case, ball head some hook and an instruction manual and tripod itself. 

The Tripod is folded with legs stored in back safe space and they are opened out unlocked in position. Ball head screws unto the tripod as the locking rings released to extend the legs. You can also extend the center column for extra height. There is an ARCA Swiss-Type quick release plate with an adjustment slot which is used in this camera for positioning the plate so that it does not interfere with the battery door. 

The ball mount is made of aluminum alloy with a 28mm ball and the action of the ball mount is smooth with a firm lock and overall it feels very good quality. 

The tripod when fully extended has a maximum height of 55.9 inches or 1420 millimeters. The angle of the legs can be select with a catch on each leg and this gives several mounting options with the wider angle legs giving good stability. To increase the stability further a weight can be added to the spring loaded hook on the base of the center column. 

Another option which is not mentioned in the user manual is to invert the center column. To do this the spring hook is unscrewed from the center tube the locking ring is released and the center tube is removed and reinserted from below. The locking ring is tightened and spring be replaced as this prevents the tube from falling out. So this is useful for taking low or overhead shots and just remember to flip the image in the camera setting or use an editing software. 

Final option is to convert the tripod into a Monopod. This is lighter and much smaller to carry around than the full tripod. First the ball head is removed, then the short screw, remove the padded leg, replace the short screw with long ones supplied in the kit and then it can be reassembled as a Monopod. The extended leg is approximately 42 inches or 1080 milimeters and retracted, it is approximately 15 and 3/4 of an inch or 400 milimeters. 

For videoing, it is quite simple as a counterbalance or stabilizer when you are walking around and also for stability when you are in a fixed position. The tripod weighs 1042 grams or 2 pounds 4.8 ounces and the ball head weighs 303 grams or 10.7 ounces

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