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ARRI SkyPanel S30-C LED Softlight
DescriptionSkyPanel is a compact, ultra-bright and high-quality LED soft light that sets a new stand..
Godox SL60W LED Video Light
The SL-60W is suitable for outdoor photography, fluorescent lighting, children photography,as it is ..
KinoFlo 6 Bulbs Video Light
6bulb fixture Extension cable Slim profile for tight space Double lamp control button Hi..
LED 660 Pro Studio Video Light
The LED 660 Pro is a 45Wvvstudio light by SUTEFOTO. It features warm and white Color's with dimmer a..
LED D-1080 Video Light
This Yidoblo D-1080 LED Video Light adopt high-tech imported LED tube with more than 30,000 hours li..
LED D-1500 Video Light
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:   1. Compact size, low weight. 2. Stable color rendering ind..
LED D-2000 Video Light
Description Idoblo D2000 LED  studio light adopt high-tech LED tube with more than 30,000 ho..
LED D-3100 Video Lighting
The LED D-3100 Video Lighting features 200 Watts, 20000 Lumen cold-warm color adjustable light,studi..
LED Red Head Studio Light (3-in-1)
The LED Red Head Studio Lighting offers a perfect solution to the temperamental problems associated ..
LED Red Head Studio Light (A Piece)
The LED Redhead Light is a good replacement for the traditional Redhead tungsten light. The LED..
LED S-528 Video Light
The idoblo D-528 LED Video Light adopt high-tech imported LED tube with more than 30,000 hours life ..
Movie Facula Video Lighting
Movie Facula a 2000watts is the newest innovation in the Videography industry. The lighting output i..
Red Head Light with Dimmer (1 Piece)
Red Head Video Lighting is a 55 Watts dimmable Lighting with adjustable barn doors to regulate extra..
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